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Kaco Kalor Color Pencil 36 Colors

Kaco Kalor Color Pencil 36 Colors

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The Kaco Kalor Color Pencil set features 36 vibrant colors that are perfect for drawing and coloring. The pencils feature a strong lead core that resists breakage, ensuring an easy color transition from the tip for precise detailing. The smooth barrel offers a comfortable grip for precise control. Enjoy hours of creativity with this long-lasting, professional-grade set of colored pencils.


  • Kaco colored pencil set provide  different colors that are vibrant for your drawing pad or coloring books. 
  • All colored pencils are designed and manufactured for art enthusiasts and aspiring beginners, kids, and girls.
  • The sturdy and reliable lead core can prevent damage during general use and sharpening so that you can color with confidence. 
  • 100% wooden pencils are pre-sharpened, easy to cut and hold the pen, and will not cause harm to the body.
  • These color pencils come with good secure packaging including a sharpener.


  • Brand Name: Kaco
  • Type: Color pencils
  • Total Pencil: 36
  •  Use: Perfect for drawing, sketching, calligraphy, manga, fine art, coloring, crafting, doodling, watercolor illustrations, calendars, and anything you might dream of up. 


The Kalor Color Pencils comes in set of 36 along with a sharpener.

Care Instructions

  • Keep your colored pencils in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures, as heat can soften the wax core and cold can make it brittle.
  • Colored pencils have a softer lead than regular pencils, so sharpen them gently to prevent breakage.
  • Handle them with care to prevent the leads from cracking.

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