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Ruma Ruler & Bookmark

Ruma Ruler & Bookmark

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Our Ruma Ruler & Bookmark is the perfect tool for any student or professional. The lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy material, combined with its sleek rounded corners, ensure optimized usability and comfort. Designed by renowned designers with a unique bookmark clip at the tail, this multi-purpose ruler also features laser-engraved scales for precise measurements.


  • Designed by well-known designers, unique bookmark clip at the tail, multi-purpose in one foot Aluminum alloy material, light and durable.
  • Rounded corners, cut and polished, smooth without cutting hands, comfortable to touch
  • The scale adopts laser engraving, which is more wear-resistant, clear and easy to read 15cm commonly used scale specifications to meet daily learning/office needs
  • The corners are rounded, for a start, so there's less chance of damaging the pages of the notebook.
  • There's a handy clip, so there's no chance of the Ruma slipping out and getting lost, and it also makes it easy to pick it up from a flat surface.
  • It's made of aluminum, so it's robust but lightweight, and it's available in basic colours to suit most notebook colours. This one's pale gold, with the centimetres and millimetres marked in black.
  • Aluminum rulers can be used as bookmarks as well.


  • Brand Name : Kaco
  • Measurement Accuracy: 15 cm
  • Use : To measure the length and width of different objects, drawing graphs at classrooms and many more places

Care Instructions

  • Wipe down the scale regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could scratch or damage the surface of the scale.
  • Avoid applying excessive pressure or bending force to the scale

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